Aerial Business Solutions
For the 21st Century
Our Solutions
As we move toward further techonigical advances, consumers want and expect quick and high quality service.  Our goal at New York Dronce Company is to bring the consumer to a location without stepping outside.
  1. Real Estate
    Offering three packages for real estate professionals to fully represent the property and amenities. Set your listing apart from the rest with aerial photos and videos.
  2. Construction
    Offering aerial fly overs and still images with date stamped on all captured footage. Let this service give your company a better and more efficient method to streamline the construction process. Keep a close eye on any on site problems or progression. Offer your clients real time visuals of construction. Hyper time lapses video and before/after photos to use in marketing.
  3. Marketing
    Across all industries, let NYDC shoot your next commercial or footage for your website, social network, or print material. Whether you are a waterfront restaurant or a car dealership, provide a bird's eye view and showcase your assets.
  4. Mapping
    Collect high-quality data and create georeferenced maps by flying the area you want to survey, capturing the images you need to create 2D maps and digital elevations models.
  5. Golf Course
    Provide your consumers with an aerial view of each hole and set yourself apart in a highly competetive industry.
  6. Sportsman
    Offering land owners, potential land owners, and club owners an aerial view of the entire property.
  7. Inspections
    Offering cost-effective solution to assess damage and repairs to hard to get to places, such as a roof or power lines.
  8. Search and Rescue
    Free service for executing a search and rescue mission with local law enforcement and in compliance with FAA rules.
  9. Thermal Imaging
    We are working on incorporating a thermal image solution to assess structural damage. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out.
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